The [R]evolution of Media

The history of newspaper, radio, and television in Raleigh is an exciting exhibit exploring the evolution of the three different media, and the revolutionary roles they have played in our city’s history.

Portraits of Raleigh

This exhibit asked local photographers to take a “Portrait of Raleigh.” Hundreds of submissions followed; the juried results on display presented Raleigh’s past, present, and future through the unique angle of a camera lens.

The Art of Business

The Art of Business was an artifact heavy display of commercial art from Raleigh’s past. With artifacts including signage, print collateral, packaging, and advertisements, museum visitors got a glimpse of the beautiful craft that went into designing the business identities of the past.

Portraits of Raleigh 2

Following the success of Portraits of Raleigh, the museum curated another juried exhibit of photographs celebrating the city’s history, places, and people.

Painted Archives

The museum’s first ever one-man show, Painted Archives presented local artist Pete Sack’s colorful interpretations of the museum’s photographic collection.

Nature Unleashed: Disasters in Raleigh

This exhibit detailed Raleigh’s weather-related catastrophes and explored how our community predicted, dealt with, and recovered from natural disasters such as hurricanes, blizzards, and fires. In addition to historic information and photographs, the exhibit highlighted the April 2011 tornadoes.

Your Place is by His Side: WWI Posters in Raleigh

This exhibit explored World War I and its impact on Raleigh through the colorful medium of poster art. In an era without television and popular radio, posters were an effective means of mass communication. No matter the message, posters asked the same essential question: How will you contribute to the war effort?