Educational Group Programs


Here at the City of Raleigh, we strive to make history come alive! Our goal is to provide a variety of hands-on programs that will engage students and get them excited about their local history. Our programs use local historic sites, artifacts, and photographs. Many of our programs correspond to exhibits currently on display at the museum. Some programs will have recommended grade levels, and some can be adapted to multiple grade levels. These programs can be a fun and unique way to meet NC Standard Course of Study goals in Social Studies, English, African-American Studies, and Art.

If you are interested in registering your class for a program, follow these steps:

1.) Take a look at our program offerings and their corresponding essential standard.

2.) Fill out all necessary information on the contact form, and make sure it is correct.

3.) Choose 2-3 programs to fill out your day.

4.) Have a few dates in mind, as your initial date may be taken!

5.) Wait for us to confirm your trip and details!

Education Programs Contact Form