Educational Group Programs

Group Tours

The City of Raleigh Museum offers group tours upon request. Our tours are led by our professional staff or trained volunteers and cover many different aspects of the history of our city.

To schedule a tour or to receive information on our group rates, please contact the museum at 919.996.2220. Generally, tour requests should be made at least two weeks in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. Tours can be customized according to visitor requests.

General Gallery Tours

General gallery tours walk visitors through each of our museum exhibits highlighting the more interesting pictures, artifacts, and stories. Tours are upbeat, interactive and generally last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Participants in this tour will leave with a working knowledge of Raleigh’s history and a good introduction to the museum and its many exhibits. A general tour can also be focused more specifically.

School Groups

The City of Raleigh Museum offers students and teachers the opportunity to experience how the core of our state, the capital city helped forge a greater North Carolina. Through an interactive and hands-on education program, students will see first-hand how Raleigh began, where Raleigh is now, and where we as citizens may go in the future. This program is designed to encourage critical thinking and transcend Raleigh to foster an understanding of all cities, both big and small.

Teacher Resources

Elementary Lesson Plans & Teacher Packet

“Through the Eyes of Dr. Pope” Middle and High School Lesson Plan